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Contact-Pickup CM-1-10%

Contact-Pickup CM-1

Clamp-on contact microphone for connection to tuners of all kindFor vibration pick up of s..

7.03€ 6.32€Brez DDV: 5.18€

Metronome ME-100-10%

Metronome ME-100

Digital metronome Large LC-display (switchable background illumination) and 3 LED's30 - 25..

19.28€ 17.35€Brez DDV: 14.22€

Tuner CLIP-2-10%

Tuner CLIP-2

Automatic, clip-on tuner, chromaticTurns on automatically when placed on instrument Automa..

13.42€ 12.08€Brez DDV: 9.90€

Tuner CT-100-10%

Tuner CT-100

Chromatic tuner and tone generatorLarge LC-display (switchable background illumination) an..

21.96€ 19.76€Brez DDV: 16.20€

Tuner CT-30-10%

Tuner CT-30

Tuner in cigarette packet format!LCD-needel-display 46x21 mmChromatic, for all instruments..

15.74€ 14.16€Brez DDV: 11.61€

Tuner/Metronome CMT-100-10%

Tuner/Metronome CMT-100

Chromatic tuner,metronome and tone generatorLarge LC-display (switchable background illumi..

26.72€ 24.05€Brez DDV: 19.71€