MENDELSSOHN koncertni klavir GP-01AA-190E

-14% MENDELSSOHN koncertni klavir GP-01AA-190E slika

Kupi MENDELSSOHN koncertni klavir GP-01AA-190E | MENDELSSOHN | Glasbila in glasbena oprema, Klavirji, Koncertni klavirji


L: 190 cm W: 155 cm H: 112 cm


Black bright body, the use of popular streamlined at home and abroad modeling, elegant, simple, pay attention to the texture and technology, advocating a reasonable composition of the process, with simple and smooth lines outline the luxury, the atmosphere.


Solid wood keyboard, ebony black keys, Germany Röslau (Roselle) strings, Germany ABEL hammer, Germany original solid wood sound board chord plate, and with a sound board to ensure card.


Uniform and coherent, treble clear and bright, midrange soft and delicate, bass vigorous and vigorous.


Sensitive and comfortable.


- widening the thickening of the back frame, according to the distribution of force using iron and back frame by connecting the top iron structure, making the inner ring back frame into one, increasing the strength, resistance from the large string of tension so that it is not deformed. Sound is accurate.
- the wedge-shaped thickness of the sound board and the guarantee of the curvature of the ribs, the height of the bridge through the design of the height of the milling machine is designed to ensure the sound quality of the finished piano. Making the voice of the piano more beautiful.
- Advanced pedal system, more flexible and applicable.
- today's popular European "iron plate" style and the combination of the back frame, fully adapted from the string of tension, to ensure the stability of the pitch.


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  • Blagovna znamka: MENDELSSOHN
  • Šifra izdelka: GP-01AA-190EK
  • Razpoložljivost: Na zalogi
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  • 15,624.03€
  • 13,392.03€
  • Brez DDV: 10,977.07€
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